Your question: Is haylage good for horses?

Haylage is great for horses in regular work, young horses with greater energy and protein requirements for growth and older horses who need an easily digestible source of forage. … Additionally, haylage is dust free so is an excellent choice for horses with a compromised respiratory system.

How much haylage should I feed my horse?

For example, if a 500kg horse is fed haylage with a dry matter content of 70%, it needs 500 x 15 = 7500g of DM a day. For this horse’s haylage, this would mean feeding 7500 x 100 ÷ 70 = 10714 g or 10.7kg of haylage a day.

Does haylage make horses fizzy?

It could fizz up horses, because it’s more sugary than hay, and it could also cause weight gain because of this. I love the smell of haylage though, and it’s easier to handle than hay because it’s slightly moist so strands don’t tend to get everywhere. It would be better for a horse with respiritory problems than hay.

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Does haylage put weight on horses?

Haylage can provide horses prone to weight gain or laminitis with an excess of energy provided by their forage. People cutting down the amount fed to reduce unwanted weight gain risk their horses having insufficient forage, which can lead to an increased risk of stomach ulcers and other digestive problems.

Does haylage have more sugar than hay?

During fermentation, sugars in the haylage are converted to lactic acid and volatile fatty acids (VFA), meaning that contrary to popular belief, haylage is normally lower in sugar than hay. Haylage is, however, higher in protein, and more digestible than hay giving it a higher DE content.

How much haylage do I need for a 600kg horse?

As a guide, a 15.2hh 500kg horse stabled for 12 hours overnight would usually eat between 7.5 and 9kg E H Haylage, and between 7 and 8.5kg E H Hi-Fibre Haylage.

How long will haylage last?

Once opened, the bales should ideally be used within 6 days, but will last up to 10 days in the winter. Baillie Haylage is very aware of the present day environmental issues and actively takes a responsible attitude towards them.

How soon can you feed haylage to horses?

Poorly stored hay is often unsuitable to feed to horses. Haylage needs to ferment, so it should not be fed straight after being baled and wrapped. The amount of time it takes to ‘cure’ is variable depending on the moisture and WSC content of the grass when it was wrapped, but a good guide is 6 weeks.

Which is better for horses hay or haylage?

Haylage is, however, higher in protein, and more digestible than hay giving it a higher DE content. As a result, horses generally tend to do better on haylage, so it’s often not ideal for overweight horses and those prone to weight gain, metabolic and laminitic horses, unless it is a high-fibre, lower DE variety.

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Do you feed more haylage than hay?

Haylage is typically between 50 and 70% dry matter. … Due to a greater amount of moisture in haylage you actually need to feed more haylage by weight than hay to provide the same amount of dry matter.

Is haylage bad for Laminitics?

Devon Haylage’s Timothy Haylage has very low sugar levels so is safe for laminitics, providing it is fed to maintain a healthy bodyweight. Along with haylage, laminitics should be fed a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to balance micronutrient intake and encourage healing in the hooves.

How do you stop haylage?

Fairly dry haylage will dry out a bit when it’s opened, rather than just going mouldy, so take all plastic off and open the bale up a bit to encourage that. But if it’s wetter stuff, then it’ll just go mouldy no matter what you do.

Can you feed wet haylage to horses?

Putrid smells indicate the presence of butyric acid from Clostridium bacteria and horses should not eat this haylage. This type of problem occurs mainly when haylage has been made too wet. … This is the result of a different type of fermentation when there was a lack of lactic acid producing bacteria.

Does soaking haylage remove sugar?

needs several days of continuously hot, dry weather to be properly made; MUST be correctly stored as humid, damp conditions can make it mouldy; has more spores/dust than haylage so should be soaked or steamed before feeding; can be high in sugar/starch (water soluble sugars can also be reduced by soaking);

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Can you feed hay and haylage together?

Well-Known Member. you actually need to feed more haylage than hay weight for weight to get the same calories. it’s a myth that you should feed less haylage. haylage has a much higher water content so for the same weight you get more water and less nutrients.

Is haylage higher in calories than hay?

Haylage has more calories in it compared to hay especially if your soaking your hay. I always feed haylage in winter, hay in summer.

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