What was Tex Ritter’s horse’s name?

Tex Ritter’s horse, White Flash, received as many fan letters as the new Mrs Ritter, who was roped in to answer his correspondence. “Tex and I would ink up his hoof and ‘autograph’ pictures for all the fans.” Dorothy Alice Fay Southworth was born on April 4 1915 at Prescott, Arizona, the daughter of a cowboy.

What was Lash Larue’s horse’s name?

His big break came with the 1945 film “Song of Old Wyoming,” in which he played the Cheyenne Kid, a hero who violated Hollywood convention by wearing black and riding a black horse, named Rush.

Who was Tex Ritter’s horse?

Ritter, Woodward Maurice [Tex] (1905–1974) Tex Ritter and his horse White Flash. Ritter, a native of Panola County and student at the University of Texas, became a top star in Hollywood Westerns but often sang traditional folk songs in his movies.

What breed of horse was Topper Hopalong Cassidy’s horse?

Boyd acquired Topper, a two-year-old white stallion, in 1937. He was originally a stunt double for another horse named King Nappy. When that horse was injured, Topper moved into a leading role. He got his name from Boyd’s wife Grace, whose favorite book series was “Topper”.

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Did the Lone Ranger and Hopalong Cassidy ride the same horse?

The Lone Ranger was played by Clayton Moore (later by John Hart) in the film series. Silver was in fact Hopalong Cassidy’s horse. … Tony was a magnificent chestnut horse with a narrow white stripe and snip on his face and white stockings on his hind legs.

Which cowboy rode a white horse?

Hopalong usually dressed in black, wore a black hat, and always rode a white horse. Find this Pin and more on TV COWBOYS & WESTERNS by Bonnie Cook.

How old was Lash Larue when he died?

78 years (1917–1996)

Did Tex Ritter have a brother?

Tex was born to James and Lizzie Ritter in 1905, the youngest of their brood of six children. His older siblings were sisters, Diamond Edna Margaret, Ola Mae and Lucille; and brothers, David Hobson and Booty A.

Is a palomino horse?

Palomino, colour type of horse distinguished by its cream, yellow, or gold coat and white or silver mane and tail. The colour does not breed true. Horses of proper colour, of proper saddle-horse type, and from at least one registered parent of several light breeds can be registered as Palominos.

Why did Hopalong Cassidy wear black?

It was said Mulford fainted when he attended the screening of Hollywood’s version of Hopalong. Boyd dressed in navy blue but the show was not in color it looked like he was wearing black. He became so inspired by his alter ego he quit drinking, smoking and attending wild parties.

Who was the best horsemen in Hollywood?

So, in celebration of American Pharoah’s Hollywood-esque ride to victory, let’s take a look at some of film’s greatest equestrian heroes.

  1. Maximus.
  2. Hidalgo.
  3. Seabiscuit.
  4. The Black.
  5. Joey.
  6. Silver.
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Who owned the lone rangers horse Silver?

Said to be 17+ hands tall. White Cloud owned by stuntman/wrangler Bill Ward at the time would also work on the television series as stuntman/stand-in for Clayton. Another white horse that Bill Ward owned, named Traveler played Silver for stunts requiring action scenes.

Could William Boyd ride a horse?

Boyd, who couldn’t ride a horse, had made Hopalong too much of a gentleman. But,‐he persisted, became a good rider and adopted Topper who would be his mount for 19 years. The movies were popular and he quietly bought up all television rights to the idea.

Did Dale Robertson own horses?

Death. In his later years, Robertson and his wife, the former Susan Robbins, whom he married in 1980, had lived on his ranch in Yukon, Oklahoma, where it was reported he owned 235 horses at one time, with 5 mares foaling grand champions.

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