What was Aram’s experience when he first rode the horse?

Answer: The first experience of the narrator was not very good when he rode the horse alone. He kicked into the horse’s side and it began to run down the road to vineyard and began to leap over the vines and finally threw him down. 8.

How did the narrator feel when he rode the horse for the first time?

He felt as if he were dreaming. He couldn’t understand how a poor boy like Mourad could own such a horse. Perhaps he had stolen it. The narrator even hated to imagine such a thing.

Did Aram experience a joyful ride on the horse?

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Aram was shocked to see the horse; however, he put his shock aside and jumped out of the window to enjoy the riding. Mourad rode the horse while Aram sat pillion; they took the horse to the countryside behind their house. Then Mourad began to sing, which resembled roaring.

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What happened when the narrator rode the horse alone?

The narrator kicked into the muscles of the horse. It snorted. Then it began to run. It ran down the road to the vineyard and began to leap over the vines.

What made Aram full of nostalgia?

When thinking of the one summer, when he learnt how to ride a white horse, Aram became nostalgic. He says these words to emphasise the innocence of childhood, and how during his childhood, he was willing to try anything, even ride a beautiful white horse which he knew had been stolen. …

How did the narrator’s horse ride prove to be a disaster for him?

Mourad asked Aram to get down as he wanted to ride alone. The horse raised its hind legs and burst into a fury of speed. Mourad raised the horse across the dry grass to an irrigation ditch and came back dripping wet. … It ran swiftly down the roads of the vineyard and Aram fell down when the horse leaped over fences.

Can Aram learn to ride horse?

Answer: no aram could not learn to ride a horse as aram and mourad returned it to john byro before he could learn to ride it .

What made Aram afraid when Mourad invited him to ride the horse?

Aram was just a young lad, truthful and honest. But he had a longing for a joyride on a horse. Naturally, he was delighted when Mourad asked him to sit on the white horse. But he was also frightened because he knew that it was a stolen horse.

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Why didn’t Mourad let the narrator rode the horse alone at first?

Mourad let the narrator ride the horse alone at first because the narrator was being false about knowing how to ride a horse. He wanted Aram to go first and then he could go next and show how to ride a horse.

Who was the true owner of the horse?

Answer. Explanation: Farmer John Byro was the real owner of the horse.

Who was the real owner of the beautiful white horse?

john byro was the real owner of white horse. he was a farmer . on a visit to aram’s house he complained of his loss to uncle khosrove. this arrused aram that the horse had been stolen by mourad.

Who did John Byro first lose but finally recover?

Answer: John Byro was the farmer. he was the person from whom Murad stole the horse . he lost his horse but in the end Murad returned the horse to him..

What did Aram see when he saw out of the window?

Answer : In the short story ‘The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse’ by William Saroyan, when the narrator (Aram) looked out of the window he saw his cousin Mourad sitting on a magnificent white horse. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he was extremely shocked and confused to see the horse there.

Why was Aram in nostalgic mood?

Aram was in a nostalgic mood because he fondly recapitulated an incident of his life when he was nine years old.

Who made Aram full of nostalgia?

The excerpt has been taken from the lesson “The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse” written by William Saroyan. The story starts with a feeling of nostalgia for Aram. he thinks about an incident that occurred 9 years ago when Mourad had stolen a charming white horse that belonged to John Bryo, a farmer.

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