What is a quarter sheet for horses?

An exercise rug, also called a quarter sheet, is a great way to keep your horse comfortable when you’re riding in cold or inclement weather. They are especially appropriate to prevent chills in horses that are always clipped and blanketed.

When should you use a quarter sheet?

Quarter sheets, also called exercise rugs, are used while longeing or riding horses during cold weather to keep a horse warm during warm-up and during active work to prevent rapid muscle cooling which can lead to chilling and cramping. Wet heat loss is 23 times faster than dry heat loss.

Can you use a quarter sheet with a western saddle?

The quarter sheet isn’t designed to go under the saddle rather around it but compromises can be made lol. No reason not to make your own if you’re handy with stuff like that.

Does my horse need a quarter sheet?

They are especially appropriate to prevent chills in horses that are always clipped and blanketed. If you clip your horse in winter, using a quarter sheet or exercise rug may be a necessity. … This type keeps a horse’s back and hind end warm during cold weather workouts.

What size exercise sheet do I need for my horse?

To find out the correct size of exercise sheet for your horse, measure from the highest point of your horse’s withers to the root of the tail with a soft tape measure. Exercise sheets are typically sized in feet and inches as rugs are.

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When would you use a horse exercise sheet?

You need to use an Exercise Sheet if your horse is fully clipped, thin skinned, suffers from the cold or you simply want to keep him dry when it rains. Normal rugs cannot be used as they’re not designed to be worn when riding – they hang too low, slip down and cause problems.

Can you ride a horse in a blanket?

To the question, “Must I blanket my horse?” the short answer is “no.” The horse generates his own blanket—a haircoat that is long enough and thick enough to withstand the coldest days of winter. It’s an adjustable covering that flattens against or elevates above the skin as the horse grows warmer or cooler.

What is the size of a quarter sheet?

Quarter Sheet

You may have already guessed, but it measures 13-by-9 inches. This is the sheet pan to use for smaller batch cooking.

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