What Colour are Fell ponies?

The Fell can be black, brown, bay and grey in colour. Chestnuts, piebalds and skewbalds are debarred. A star and/or a little white on or below the hind fetlock is acceptable. An excess of white markings is discouraged, but such ponies are eligible for registration.

What does a Fell pony look like?

A strong, short back with a deep body, short neck, and a small head, with small, alert ears, big nostrils, a wide muzzle and big, bold, intelligent eyes are characteristic. And plenty of hair: mane and tail are left to grow long, and a fell pony should have plenty of fine hair at its heels.

What is the difference between a Fell pony and a Dales pony?

Nowadays I believe the main differences are height, Fells are usually up to 14hh, whereas Dales are usually slightly larger, up to 14.2hh, or Colour/ markings, Registered Dales are usually black,bay,bay roan (rare) or sometimes a dark dappled grey (quite rare I think.)

Are Fell ponies cobs?

Fell ponies may be a maximum of 14 hands, although most animals tend to be around the 13.2 mark. While stopping short of being cobs they are certainly stocky, powerful ponies with intelligent faces frames by long, flowing manes.

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What size is a Fell pony?

Breed characteristics

Fell Ponies vary a good deal in weight and size, so ponies may be found to carry almost any rider. The average height of the breed is 13.2 hands (54 inches, 137 cm), and the upper height limit for the breed is 14 hands (56 inches, 142 cm).

What is the lifespan of a Fell pony?

Generally, the average lifespan of a pony is the same as a horse (25-30 years), although ponies tend to live longer.

Does the queen breed fell ponies?

Today, Fells are popular for both riding and for driving. In fact Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II owns Fell ponies which are driven by her husband, His Royal Highness Prince Philip, in international competitions.

How many dales ponies are left?

The US-based Livestock Conservancy lists the breed as “threatened”, meaning that population numbers worldwide are sub-5,000 and annual US registrations are less than 1,000.

How much weight can a Fell pony carry?

On average, a pony between 9 and 14 hands may weigh between 400 and 800 pounds. Following the 20% rule, this means that a pony can generally carry a person (including tack) who weighs between 80 and 160 pounds. This is why ponies are usually ridden by children, or smaller adults.

How much does a Dales pony cost?

They will range in price as foals between $5,000 and $7,000 and are all Section A. Email for individual prices and information.

Where can I find Fell ponies?

The ponies, which have their own society, are mostly found in Westmorland and Cumberland and they could have been roaming the fells since prehistoric times. Vikings used them for ploughing and over the centuries they have been pack animals, carrying anything from metal ore to wool and food.

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How tall do Fell ponies grow?

They cannot exceed 14hh in height and while there is no lower height limit, there are very few under 12.2hh. The Fell Pony Society (FPS) provides the following breed standard: Head: Small, well chiselled in outline, well set on, forehead broad, tapering to nose. Nostrils: Large and expanding.

Why does the queen ride a Fell pony?

Her Majesty is patron of The Fell Pony Society, whose aim is to protect the breed which is native to Cumbria and other northern regions. The Queen is a known lover of horses and has been involved in riding, breeding and racing horses all her life.

What is the Fell pony known for?

One of the classic native breeds of England, the Fell Pony is noted for its hardiness, courage and adaptability. Its docile temperament makes it popular with riding and trekking stables. It is also well suited for driving or jumping and has the ability to trot for long distances at a steady speed.

Are Fell Ponies good for children?

The Fell is an ideal all-round family pony suitable for both adults and children. As a hack and general riding pony, the Fell’s fast walk and easy paces make it a pleasant and comfortable ride, and its sure footedness ensures a safe passage over the roughest country.

What are the different breeds of ponies?

Some popular Pony Breeds include:

  • American Sport Pony.
  • American Quarter Pony.
  • British Riding Pony.
  • Chincoteague Pony.
  • Connemara Pony.
  • Dales Pony.
  • Dartmoor Pony.
  • Exmoor Pony.
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