Quick Answer: Why is it called clothes horse?

From 1850 the term referred to a male fop or female quaintrelle, a person whose main function is, or appears to be, to wear or show off clothes. In this context, the term is similar to “fashion plate”, which originally referred to a lithograph illustration of fashionable clothing in a book or magazine.

What does the term clothes horse mean?

1 : a frame on which to hang clothes. 2 : a conspicuously dressy person.

Who invented the clothes horse?

Dunkerton designed the Clothes Horse as part of a product and furniture design degree at Kingston University. His other projects include a cavity brick fitting that allows endangered birds to nest in new buildings and garden walls.

Why is a drying rack called a horse?

That may sound like an interesting image, but horse just meant a stand or frame supporting something – think saw-horse. Wherever they were, and even when they were called airers or drying racks, they were simple barred frames like gates hinged together with canvas or leather or string.

What do Americans call an Airer?

So far as I am aware, the American term is the same, perhaps spelt without a space. Certainly searching for the word through onlelook.com shows it as such in American dictionaries. Other terms are clothes airer or clothes dryer. This is the definition from an 1848 American dictionary: CLOTHES-HORSE.

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What is an Airer?

British. : a frame on which clothes are aired or dried.

Is it a clothes horse or a maiden?

Clotheshorse (often written as two words, ie clothes horse) also known as a winterdyke or a clothes maiden, refers to a frame (usually wooden, metal or plastic) upon which clothes are hung after washing to enable them to dry.

Where should I put my clothes in the bedroom?

  1. Install shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls. …
  2. Clip binder clips onto your desk and store cords in their arms. …
  3. Hang a clothes rack in the corner. …
  4. Use crown molding as a shoe rack. …
  5. Opt for a headboard with storage. …
  6. Hang your laundry hamper on the back of your bedroom door. …
  7. Use your radiator for shelf space.

What are horse clothes called?

A caparison is a cloth covering laid over a horse or other animal for protection and decoration. In modern times, they are used mainly in parades and for historical reenactments. A similar term is horse-trapper. The word is derived from the Latin caparo, meaning a cape.

How do you dry clothes for horses?

If you’re using a clothes horse or airer to dry your clothes indoors, make sure you place it in the sunniest and airiest place in your home to speed up the drying time. It’s best to avoid your living room or bedroom though as you’ll be most exposed to mould spores in these areas.

Why are there no dryers in Europe?

Why dryers never caught on in Europe

While there’s no question that dryers are more convenient than the drip dry alternative, old-world culture dictates that the energy-sucking appliances are simply too wasteful to be used on the regular.

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Why do British have washing machines in kitchen?

In many parts of the US and Europe washing machines are placed in the bathroom or separate utility rooms but in most British homes they are generally found in the kitchen. This is due to the fact most bathrooms could not fit a washing machine and there are no electrical sockets in the bathroom in the UK.

Is Airer a word?

Meaning of airer in English. a frame for hanging clothes on to dry: … Dry your clothes on a wall-mounted airer.

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