How long is a health certificate for a horse good for?

a health certificate. This health certificate is good for 30 days from the date the horses were inspected. Some states have developed a 6 month health certificate.

How long is a health certificate good for?

In most cases, a CVI is good for 30 days from the date that it is issued. During certain infectious disease outbreaks, the destination may require a shorter time frame for CVI acceptance.

What states require health certificates for horses?

State Requirements for Horse Transportation

  • Arizona: Coggins 12 months, HC Within 30 Days. …
  • Colorado: Coggins 12 months, HC Within 30 Days. …
  • California: Coggins 12 months, HC Within 30 Days. …
  • Texas: Coggins 12 months, HC Within 30 Days. …
  • Kentucky: Coggins 12 months, HC Within 30 Days.

What does a horse health certificate cover?

A health certificate and a current Coggins are required by each state when you are traveling to or through it with your horse. Health certificates are issued to a horse by a veterinarian. The health certificate states that the horse was free of infectious disease at the time of the examination.

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How long is a certificate of veterinary inspection good for?

Certificate of Veterinarian Inspections typically expire after thirty days, but some states may allow for extensions up to six months. Requirements and length of validity are determined by each state.

What’s a health certificate?

A health certificate is written by a doctor and displays the official results of a physical examination. … In case of an emergency or if an applicant requires immediate medical attention, schools and medical staff can refer to applicants’ submitted health forms for vital information.

How much does a CVI cost?

“The average costs of a veterinary consultation can be between $25 and $150, but you may also find more expensive veterinarian doctors in your area.

How many times should you deworm a horse?

Facts: 1. Each horse should be dewormed every 6 months with an Ivermectin product (Spring and Fall). Ivermectin is a larvicidal (will kill parasite larvae), and if used every 6 months on each horse, large strongyles will be eliminated from your farm.

Does a horse need paperwork?

All interstate horse movements into California require: (1) a valid CVI, valid equine passport, or Working Horse Permit and (2) evidence of a negative EIA test within 12 months of entry. 13. Who will check my equine movement paperwork? For California, border station personnel request interstate movement documentation.

How do I get papers for my horse?

Fill out a registration application.

Provide your horse’s name, as well as information about the horse’s sire and dam. You may also need to become a member of the association yourself. Usually, you’ll save time and money by submitting the application online. Some associations still allow or prefer paper mail.

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Is a Coggins test proof of ownership?

Some states accept an interstate equine passport that serves as shipping papers for a horse for six months following a veterinary health examination or until the expiration date of a Coggins test. … This document certifies proof of ownership, regardless of whether or not a horse has a physical brand or tattoo.

What do you need for a horse health certificate?

In addition to the official animal identification, the CVI must accurately document:

  • The name of the shipper.
  • The physical address or location for the point-of-origin of the movement.
  • The name of the receiver.
  • The physical address or location for the point-of-destination.
  • The species and number in the shipment.

How much water per day should you give your horse?

The average horse will intake 5 to 10 gallons of fresh water per day. Water is needed to avoid colic, dehydration and death.

Is a CVI the same as a health certificate?

A certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI), also known as a health certificate, is an official document issued by a federal, state, tribal, or accredited veterinarian certifying that the animals identified on the document have been inspected and were found to satisfy the regulations pertaining to their intended …

What are the requirements for health certificate?


  • Chest X-ray result – 1 year validity.
  • Urinalysis result – 6 months.
  • Fecalysis result – 6 months.
  • Cedula.
  • 1×1 ID picture – 2 pcs.

Why are health certificates required?

Most airlines require pet health certificates, and the reason is simple. They want assurance your cat or dog is not a risk — not ill, especially with a contagious disease, or carrying pests such as fleas or ticks that could create health problems for other animals nearby or ground crews working around them.

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