How do you start the high horse quest?

How do you unlock the high horse quest?

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Guide & Walkthrough

Go near the Port of Piraeus and talk with Sokrates to receive this new mission (picture1). At the end of the dialogue, go to the thief’s position and chase him, then talk with him when he stops near the stables (pictures2-3).

Where is on a high horse side quest?

This quest begins by speaking with Sokrates, northeast of the Temple of Asklepios in the Port of Piraeus region of Attika, southwest of Greater Athens.

How do you trigger a life’s worth?

To trigger that quest you have to finish all 6 side quests that pop up in Athens after the plague event (3 by Sokrates and 3 by Alkibiades). When you finish them, “A Life’s Worth” will appear near the Attika Silver Mine.

Where can I get a Heitor?

Heitor has another task for his old pal Heitor. Seems a friend of his has been captured, and he needs you to rescue him and escort him to safety. You’ll find him in a cage in Rhamnous Military Camp, near the east coast of Attika.

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What happens if you kill the woman in a life’s worth?

A Life’s Worth.

However, if you kill a woman for him, he will free the slave. After a while, you will see Sokrates, talk to him. During this conversation, you can choose how to proceed. Regardless of your decision, it is worth to kill the cultist to facilitate killing the rest of the cultists in the future.

How do you unlock all the eyes of Kosmos?

Probably the hardest of The Eyes of Kosmos to unlock. You must progress the main story through all of Attika, and then start knocking out the side quests. Eventually, south of Greater Athens is a quest called A Life’s Worth, which is what introduces The Master. If you don’t see it, keep doing all side quests in Attika.

What happens if I let the blind man keep the horse?

If you didn’t let the blind keep the horse, then you’ll have to take it to one of the two places: to the stable boy, just like Persephone asked you to, or to Adonis’s contact.

Should you let him keep the horse AC Odyssey?

Kassandra: All right, you can keep him. But it’s a risk. You could be caught.

Where is a life’s worth quest?

This quest begins by speaking with the Phaidon in the village of Lavria, in the Silver Mountains region of Attika, to the southeast of Greater Athens. Phaidon made a deal with his master for freedom, but The Master has gone back on his word and refuses to set him free.

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Where is the third eye of Kosmos cultist?

The Master is the third cultist in the Eye of Kosmos, and can only be revealed by completing certain quests. Clue: A Cultist owns a quarry and a slave operation in Attika. To uncover The Master, ignore the clue about the quarry, as he will not appear at the quarry just yet.

Where is the master in AC Odyssey?

After you get the info from the cultist hideout, she can be found at the Port Of Nisaia in Megaris. Kill her and confirm the kill to mark her. The Master comes from a side quest chain that you get from Sokrates. First off though, you need to clear the main story in Athens.

Do I kill the woman for the master?

The Master: Kill the woman or not – it’s your choice. But if you want your slave friend to go free, it’s the only way.

Should I lie about Harpe?

Lying to Heitor allows the player to keep Harpe as a weapon, at a reduced XP compared to handing it over. It also remains as a quest item. Handing over Harpe rewards Heitor’s Breastplate instead and rewards more XP.

How do I get the Heitor sword?

Objective: Find and Acquire Heitor’s Sword

Just the Polemarch of Fort Phyle. No sweat for the mighty misthios. Hear over to Fort Phyle and call Ikaros to tag all of the enemies inside and locate the sword’s position. Just inside the front gate is a commander’s tent with a chest inside that contains the sword.

Where is the Rhamnous military camp?

The Rhamnous Military Camp was a campsite of Athenian forces located in Attika, Greece.

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