How do you make a white horse shine?

The key to a possibly shiny white horse is to let him be as oily as possible. These oils will build up from his own skin to additional protective products you use. The more you strip away with harsh detergents and products, the more the stains will set in.

How do I make my horse’s coat shiny?

5 steps to a brilliant coat

  1. Feed a balanced diet. Many nutrients including protein, copper, zinc and vitamin A have a direct impact on the health and shine of your horse’s coat. …
  2. Add oils to the diet. …
  3. Feed feeds known to darken coats. …
  4. Stay on top of worms. …
  5. Brush!

How can I make my horse shiny?

Feed the Sheen

“A healthy, shiny coat starts with diet,” says White. “That means getting fat and vitamins A, D, and E.” Like humans, horses need vitamin D to be able to absorb calcium to maintain strong bones. Also like humans, horses get vitamin D from sunlight.

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How do you keep a white horse clean?

Baking Soda Baking soda mixed with water will also help scrub those whites clean. The baking soda helps to lift the stains and also is slightly abrasive and helps scrub away dirt. Quick Fix For that chrome on colored horses, as a quick fix use Baby Powder on dry legs to quickly cover dirt or stains.

What do you feed a horse for a shiny coat?

Cold pressed canola or soybean oil or any oils that have been fortified with omega fatty acids are particularly effective. Rice bran oil and coconut oil are also good for coats. If you use a complete feed, choose one that contains ingredients like full fat soybean, sunflower seeds, and cold pressed oils.

What is the rarest horse coat color?

White. One of the rarest colors, a white horse has white hair and fully or largely unpigmented (pink) skin. These horses are born white, with blue or brown eyes, and remain white for life. The vast majority of so-called “white” horses are actually grays with a fully white hair coat.

Is apple cider vinegar good for horses?

Apple Cider Vinegar works to acidify the horse’s stomach for better digestion, cleansing the digestic tract. It can also aid in the absorption of minerals and helps balance the acid/alkaline ratio which is essential for good health.

Why is my horses coat so dull?

Horses that don’t receive enough feed or that eat feed that is not nutritionally balanced will have a dull coat. Any diet that is low in the amino acid lysine, lacks minerals and vitamins, or has a low protein-to-energy ratio will cause the coat to lose it’s luster.

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How do I make my horse look pretty?


  1. Invest in quality horse grooming brushes and keep them clean. …
  2. To avoid fungal infections, don’t use your brushes on other horses.
  3. Curry your horse every day. …
  4. Select curries according to the season. …
  5. Brush the hair in the direction the hair grows.
  6. Don’t neglect your horse’s hooves.

Is coconut oil good for horses?

Coconut oil for horses is not only yummy, it promotes excellent gut health. It creates *good” bacteria in their stomach. It helps with colic and helps prevent ulcers. This oil gives your horses a boost by getting the good bacteria in and helping sooth any ulcers.

How do you whiten a white horse?

Whisk: Whisk, yes the laundry detergent, is a great whitening “shampoo.” Just mix a capful in a large bucket of water and apply to a wet horse. Make sure to rinse well and not use too often as this may be drying to skin. It has optical brighteners built in that reflect light, making the horse look brighter.

How do you get the yellow stains out of a white horse?

You can use white vinegar to try and remove the stains on the tail and mane. I have read (but not tried) a baking soda paste to remove stains, then rinse with white vinegar.

What is the best oil to give your horse?

Linseed oil is the best option to use as it contains high levels of Omega 3, has good palatability, isn’t too pricey and is suitable for a large range of horses and ponies. Grass is a good source of Omega 3, so horses who receive little or no turnout will certainly benefit from supplementation.

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What oil is best for horses?

The following are the most prominent properties in the most popular oil types:

  • Corn Oil – high in Omega-6 fatty acid and very palatable.
  • Flaxseed (a.k.a. Linseed) – high in Omega-3 fatty acid and a good source of vitamin E.
  • Soybean Oil – high in Omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin E.
  • Sunflower Seed – high in Omega-6 fatty acids.


How do you make a black horse shiny?

Soak a tea towel in hot water and use this after grooming, by wiping him over with it. (squeeze it out first). This picks up the dust and grease out of the coat and should leave him with shine. Hope that helps.

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